About Us

With 17 Years of Experience, CLEO CIRCUIT offering PCB CAM services & PCB DESIGN services located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

For over a Years, CLEO CIRCUIT has consistently gained reputation of being a reliable Engineering service and solution provider to all its clients across the globe.

Our Services

PCB CAM (Front End Engineering)

Cleocircuit offers “World class one-stop PCB CAM and Front End Solutions” for PCB manufacturers in single-side double-side and multi layers up to 42 layers. Our engineers have more than 15 years of individual experience in PCB CAM service.


CLEO CIRCUIT designs PCBs for every field, relying upon dedicated and up to date software’s. We have PCB design experience in many different fields of the electronics industry, including Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Consumer Electronics, Telecoms, Medical, Space, Marine, and Oil.

Our Technical Department has Expertise to do any Projects for PCB CAM, PCB Design PCB Reverse Engineering, and Scripting. Our services are highly flexible as every fabricator has meet his individual requirements.

CleoCircuit has emerged as the favorite outsourcing destination for companies planning to shift their business processes outside.

Why Outsourcing

Do you see yourself running behind schedules most of the time? If yes, it is time you start outsourcing your business processes. If your deadlines are usually cross and you are not able to complete tasks as planned, you might be in need of an outsourcing company.
Have a look at your team members. Do they look stressed? Did they took much holidays? Are they multitasking and unable to give their best to any of the tasks? You are in dire need of outsourcing if this is the case with your company as well.
Innovation is the key to growth and if your teammates have stopped coming up with new ideas, it's a sign they are either overworked or are having a dry spell of ideas. With outsourcing, you can bring in someone with a fresh perspective and new take on things to foster innovation.
Cutting down costs and better affordability was the reason why organizations started to outsource. If your company is also experiencing your budget getting smaller, outsourcing could be the best option for you.
The aim of any organization is to build a large base of satisfied clients. But, if, of late, you are experiencing that your clients are leaving more unsatisfied than satisfied, you are unable to fulfill their requirements. When you outsource, the outsourcing vendor takes care of some business processes so that you can focus on improving your client services & offering customized solutions.

Outsourcing with Cleocircuit is not only a smart way to save money. It’s also a great way to find a talented Engineers to complete projects correctly that you need to get done.

Our PCB CAM/CAD Services helps you to speedup Pre Production process like Quote, Data Preparation, and Production Engineering and outputs programs for Production in a Time zone advantage & Cost effective way.

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